can i trade in my psp for a psvita?

i want a ps vita so bad but i don’t have any many so i was wondering that when the vita comes out in america if i could trade in my psp for money to go towards the vita or maybe even perhaps upgrade the psp to a ps vita. so if you can help me get an answer i really be thankful.

2 Responses to “can i trade in my psp for a psvita?”

  • Vince I says:

    Yeah, most likely. Gamestop always has those "trade your dsi for $100 towards your purchase of a 3DS".
    So hold it, maybe Gamestop will do an offer like that.

    • Josh says:

      hey, i have two psps. 1 is screen cracked and the other has the charger input messed up, can i trade those in for cash tword a psvita? also, does gamestop let u rade in ur game system for cash tword the psvita all the time or do i have to wait for an offer?


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