Need for Speed: Most Wanted – PS Vita Demo NYCC 2012

Glacier928 takes a spin with EA and Criterion Games’ latest racer for the PS Vita, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, at NYCC 2012!

25 Responses to “Need for Speed: Most Wanted – PS Vita Demo NYCC 2012”

  • Tingrihaha says:

    LaSeanAbSOLute..thanks,,i agree. i dont know why they didnt make open world for ios and ven yes i dont care..but i just compare the graphic, look apart from content & others. in one point i think ea could make the graphics more better from this…developers are not utilize the vita’s power…and it is true.

  • LaSeanAbSOLute says:

    The player crashes into a car within the first 5 secs of the video man. Then at 0:10 there is another car. Then at 0:29 there is another pedestrian car and more so how did you not see a single one……0_o

  • Tingrihaha says:

    hey man he just trying to see how the car crashes how it looks after crashed….but u observed after crashed i found the car as a box….hahah

  • 82mrshortman says:

    Hahahah, have you seen the ios gameplay in ACTION? Its just tunnels! No real damage aswell. We will see a true comparison soon don’t worry ;)

  • bmxncars says:

    @tapan kumar Wtf u mad bro?

  • MrJarald1210 says:

    This game look amazing just like the consle.

  • loljkbro says:

    Surprise, surprise. Most of the people who are decrying the game aren’t Vita owners.

  • tapan kumar says:

    ghost rider…0% population, 0% streetlight ..still u say ” ohh it is a handheld not a console” …

  • aguens says:

    je veux un gta avec les même graphismes !!! Ecoute ma prière rockstar :D

  • runereyscape says:


  • Caio APG says:

    This city has almost no people

  • RTSxx1998 says:

    I love these graphics

  • Gaganov Nikita says:

    Dude, this is portable console. Its not supposed to has awesome lighting and high-detailed buildings. You should play it on PS3 or Xbox for graphic. Also, “big” versioan has the same traffic as this.
    That looks like a perfect portable racing. If you want graphic then play stationary consoles.

  • Gaganov Nikita says:

    No, he’s just stupid. Dont mind about him.

  • thimooss123 says:

    Amazing graphics !
    Can’t wait for AC and NFS.

  • Xabdos says:

    This probably is an early stage of development demo, and they may have modified the population so people trying the demo dont have a bad time playing.

  • SweetBananaStudios says:

    wow .. i have to tell you that i didnt do this , this is false , o dont know how the fuck is this comment written i always see , that other people have made. This is ridicoulous , if youtube is the one that does this , or maybe a hacker . I dont even know why i have thumbs up on this

  • SnipeSwipe says:

    @Gaganov Nikita well, actually you should buy it on the PC for the best experience. The consoles of today, are becoming increasingly old and outdated, unfortunately.

  • runereyscape says:

    I see this happening in a lot of videos, not just gaming videos, all videos.

  • Sukuraidogai says:

    You weren’t “hacked”, you gave your password to someone outside of youtube. Things like this always result from a user error.

  • SweetBananaStudios says:

    Nobody has my youtube password , and anyways , everybody i know is spanish becouse i live in spain , so if some of my friends have my pass whats the point on doing this ? :O

  • Sukuraidogai says:

    I’m not talking about willingly or consciously.  Either some site posed as a youtube login and you entered your information there, or you used some other external site etc. that required a youtube login. Accounts don’t just get randomly “hacked”, the only way this thing happens is by giving your account information to someone else consciously or not.

  • XXmarcosherreraXX says:

    No matter what you haters have to say, this game looks good for a portable device.

  • MaskeDemon says:

    Let’s hope you’re right. The game is set to launch in 2 weeks, so it’s hard to imagine any changes taking place. At this stage Electronic Arts is most likely already burning the final product onto Vita’s media cartridges and boxing them, ready to ship across North America to couple thousand different retail locations. However, patches aren’t out of the question. On the other hand, I don’t see how patches would work with ROM media, the process I have in mind would take too many resources.

  • MaskeDemon says:

    Scratch that, I just remembered that each game is “installed” on the Vita, patches aren’t out of the question after all.

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