what playstation vita game to get?

I want the playstation vita but I’m not sure what game to start out with. I was thinking about reality fighters but I read done reviews and changed my mind. So now I’m thinking about little big planet. This is going to be my first sony system in a while so I need help.

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    • Doubtful says:

      Little Big Planet has worked so well on previous platforms that there’s no doubt the community will thrive on this one as well. With the touch-screen controls, customization and level design will be easier and faster than ever. Even though the user-generated content that is already out there won’t be compatible with the Vita, costumes that you have purchased in the PS3 versions will carry over. We look forward to tinkering more with LBP when it is launched sometime in 2012.

    • Eric Faulcon says:

      Well the vita is not out yet but you should try uncharted. It gonna be an amazing game but if you don’t like games like that. Then you should get LBP.

    • Seanie says:

      It’s up to you mate,to make it easy for you I have created a page showing off every PSVita game launching with the system

      I saw you didn’t get many answers,you would be better off asking your questions in an official PSVita forum such as
      Lots of members!

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