Will the PS Vita Work With PS4? Confirmed Info! | Official

Sony executive confirms how the PS Vita will and won’t work with the PS4. Here is a link to the article http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/prepare-pay-playsta…

8 Responses to “Will the PS Vita Work With PS4? Confirmed Info! | Official”

  • Isaac Gonzalez says:

    Good info man, keep it up. 

  • youngskic29 says:

    Hunter why delete all the comments… U suck u x box fanboy…

  • NationOfSorrow says:

    I didn’t delete all the comments, if you’re wondering what happened, I deleted the old video and uploaded a new one with some changes in it. I didn’t clearly explain everything in the last video.

  • richardlamborghini says:

    Ps4 is a great console fact dualshock 4 can charge when the ps4 is off

  • Steven Blackburn says:

    How sony could make a shit load of money, Ill tell you. And honestly, I would buy it to lol. If they made the PsVita better design analogs etc, with a touch screen made of gorilla glass like an ipod almost, and the wii-U, to play ps4.. Hey I would buy that.. A Touch VITA with Ps4 would be sick as hell,, and then if you have to leave it turns into a hand held portable device and you take the game with you. I would fucking love that. Make Vita the Ps4 controller and make it touch screen for games

  • Steven Blackburn says:

    Basically take the design of the Ps4 controller, and incorporate the VITA screen in the center of the controller, make it touch screen, and make it to where you can interact with games a certain way.. instead of quest etc showing up on tv, etc make it show up on the screen of the controller that would be sick knt. Fuckna brah.. hahaha. I would spend the 400 dollars for the console and the 200 or 300 for the Vita controller

  • 411DESHAWN says:

    Bought the vita for nothing! Might as well sale it.

  • Frank Joesph says:

    You should check out Killzone Mercenary before you trade it man. Its lookin to be the best handheld game ever

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